We're not just a company, we're community

BrandNewNoise is dedicated to making handcrafted sound gadgets for all kids, musicians, lovers, and aliens looking to explore. We are a diverse group of individuals here at BrandNewNoise, and encourage each other to listen, be kind, work towards understanding new perspectives, and to take pride in what we do.

Richard Upchurch was born in Tupelo, MS. BrandNewNoise was born in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. They both now live in Dallas, TX.  

Here is the story:

What do my mother, RZA (Wu Tang Clan), The Black Keys, Jessy Greene, Bon Iver, my nephew, and David Byrne have in common? They all love brandnewnoise sound gadgets!

I built 1 for my nephew. 
I built 5 for his teachers (from show and tell). 
I built 10 for my first online store. 
I am still building them today.

We have been featured in Vogue, Southern Living, TimeOut New York, Architectural Digest, Better Living Through Design, Wired Magazine, Moogfest, Vice, and other publications.

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