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Gordi performs Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball with BrandNewNoise

Australian folktronica singer-songwriter Gordi recently performed Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball on the program Like A Version. Throughout her performance she uses the BrandNewNoise Player One

Sophie Payten, known professionally as Gordi, recently performed at the Sydney Opera House and released her new album Our Two Skins. Payten spent the previous 8 years in the medical field as junior doctor before turning her full attention to her music. 

Watch the interview with Gordi on why she chose Miley Cyrus to cover on Like A Version and the instruments, including BrandNewNoise's Player One and a farm tool, she used for the performance.




July 29, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

Wirecutter names BrandNewNoise a Best Father's Day Gift Pick

We are proud to see Loopy Lou listed by Wirecutter as one of the "17 Best Father's Day Gifts." 

Gregory Han writes,

The greatest gift we can offer the fathers in our lives is our time. A distant second is a thoughtful sentiment or token that recognizes the unique connection between the giver and the recipient. With that in mind, we’ve selected our favorite Father’s Day gifts (chosen from Wirecutter guides and small retailers across the country) that will show your heartfelt affection for your dad—and that can be used and loved for years to come.


To see the full article click here.

June 04, 2020 — Richard Upchurch
Chuck D | Public Enemy | BrandNewNoise

Chuck D | Public Enemy | BrandNewNoise

Chuck D, founding member of Public Enemy, posted a video on Twitter featuring BrandNewNoise's Loopy Lou audio recorder! The rapper, producer, activist and author is hailed as one of the top hip-hop lyricists of all time. 

His tweet features Loopy Lou sitting above the famed Public Enemy logo with music from their 1987 track Miuzi Weighs A Ton.

Full Twitter post can be found here.


May 05, 2020 — Richard Upchurch
CNN Underscored Features BrandNewNoise

CNN Underscored Features BrandNewNoise

Last week, CNN Underscored featured BrandNewNoise's Lil' Mib in an article on staying close to loved ones during the pandemic.
April 20, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

Update on Shipping and Orders

Hi everyone! I will keep this light and brief as possible. 

BrandNewNoise is still shipping out. I will be updating this post as we take it day by day. I will be here shipping through end of each day, 5pm CST and plan on shipping until there changes in service.

Many of you are sending gifts to those in quarantine, so I ask you place your orders asap to avoid any interruption.

Shop Now

Thanks for the love and support. 

I send love, light and creativity to you all.

Richard Upchurch

March 23, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

Bon Iver, The Staves, and BrandNewNoise

The Staves recorded their 2014 record with Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) in the famed studio, April Base, and used a BrandNewNoise audio recorder! 

In the documentary If I Was, the three sisters are shown playing with a BrandNewNoise audio sampler in the control room at Justin Vernon's recording studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Vernon has been a long time fan of our musical instruments and voice recorders. 

Watch the documentary below and see them playing around and laughing around 0:55 seconds into the video. 


March 11, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

Wilco's Chicago recording studio The Loft & BrandNewNoise

The Loft Chicago, Wilco's recording studio, recently posted about having a bunch of BrandNewNoise musical instruments and audio recorders to use in various ways. 

They said "We have a bunch of these totally fun sound boxes at the Loft made by @brandnewnoise and we find uses all the time. They are mostly little handheld voice recorders with tiny embedded microphones that have simple controls that add delay and mess with the speed and pitch of the captured audio. Each box is a little different. You can make weird loops or make your voice sound demonic. I keep this one (the Frankie model) at my desk for when I get scam credit card calls. I record myself saying 'Hello?' then unleash the altered and slowed down loop of the same 'hello' until the asswipe trying to scam me hangs up. Live life to the fullest."




March 05, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

Domino | BrandNewNoise

BrandNewNoise was included in Domino's first ever Renovation Issue! 

Our Space Oddity was included in the section Play, musical instruments, toys, and creative finds.

Check out excerpts from the Domino Renovation Issue Below: 



January 22, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

D Magazine | BrandNewNoise

BrandNewNoise was written up in D Magazine! 

Thanks for including us in your Holiday Shopping Guide, Kathy Wise! Love seeing our Space Oddity on the list. 

Check out the D Magazine write up below. 


January 20, 2020 — Richard Upchurch

WSJ | BrandNewNoise

BrandNewNoise was featured in the Wall Street Journal! 

Thanks to Patrick Carney of The Black Keys for including BrandNewNoise in the top 5 gifts for Audiophiles. We are honored to be on the list! 

Our gadgets have been used by The Flaming Lips, Bon Iver, and Death Cab for Cutie, Mark Mothersbaugh, just to name a few.

Check out the WSJ write up below! 




The Black Keys BrandNewNoise collaboration shown above. 

January 16, 2020 — Richard Upchurch